How nice that you chose to be there today. We will do our utmost to make it a fantastic day. In this article we tell a little more about us, why we do this and who supported us to make this all possible.

About Cheo Go Kwan

We are Cheo Go Kwan, a Taekwon-Do school from Rotterdam that was founded in 2017. Despite the fact that Cheo Go Kwan has only been in existence for almost 3 years, the founders Samantha Booij and Marcel Hildering have been participating in the competition circuit for years.

Cheogo literally means “the best” or “the best”. Kwan is referred to as “school” in this form. You can therefore describe “Cheo Go Kwan” as “school of the best” or “the best school”.

We are convinced that everyone is good at something or can become good at something. By always doing your best you can get a lot out of your training and we see it as our mission to get the best out of our students. It is not necessary to become the very best, but it is important that you do your best. Because of this you push your limits and that gives your self-discipline and confidence a boost.

Challenge yourself with competitions

Because we think it is important to get the best out of our students, we challenge them during training, but we also like to visit competitions frequently. It is not about winning or losing, but about stepping out of your comfort zone. This will push your boundaries and you will make progress.
In addition, you will meet many other Taekwon-Do practitioners during competitions who experience Taekwon-Do with the same passion as you. We like to be inspired by these people.

The first Rotterdam Taekwon-Do Cup

After participating in many, many competitions and organizing small club tournaments, we have decided to take the next step. An international tournament where you can participate in patterns, sparring, team patterns and team sparring.

We offer the young starting Taekwon-Do practitioners a unique opportunity to participate in team components. This is normally only for Juniors and Seniors, even often only for the A-class. This allows them to stand on the mat several times, now also side by side with their training buddies. Of course all under the supervision of experienced and reliable referees.


We have received a lot of support from all sides. Within the club but also outside the club. Some have really done their best to win sponsorship. Without them we would not have been able to dress this tournament so nicely and we would not have had those wonderful medals.

A big applause for our sponsors:

Powerful against muscular diseases

At the Rotterdam Taekwon-Do Cup we will pay extra attention to the Prinses Beatrix Spier Fonds.

The Prinses Beatrix Spier Fonds has one big goal: to eliminate all muscle diseases. Their most important tool in this struggle is scientific research. They fund and encourage research into healing and quality of life for people with muscular disease at the moment. Together with international experts, they make careful assessments about which studies they fund. That way everyone who helps knows for sure that his or her money and effort are of real value. Priceless.

As athletes, we naturally support this organization. During the Rotterdam Taekwon-Do Cup they will inform all visitors and you can also make a donation! Who helps us in the fight against muscle diseases?

Did you know that…

  • … This is the first ‘big’ tournament of Cheo Go Kwan?
  • … More than 340 participants are participating?
  • … This is the first time in history that an ITF Taekwon-Do tournament is taking place in Rotterdam?
  • … More than 55 referees help make the tournament a success?
  • … The Rotterdam Taekwon-Do Cup supports the Princess Beatrix Spierfonds?
  • … 80 coaches supervise their students?
  • … Not only the Netherlands, but also Belgium and Germany are represented at the Rotterdam Taekwon-Do Cup?
  • … More than 30 clubs / teams compete to become tournament champions?
  • … The referees are well taken care of with no less than 240 bottles of water, 5 kg of sweets and a delicious Surinamese lunch?
  • … games are being played on no fewer than 5 fields?
  • … The most sporting club wins the sportiness prize, sponsored by Eisden Education?

The important task of a supporter

It is not unknown that social support helps to start exercising, but certainly also to continue with a sport. We are therefore very much in favor of supporting your training buddies.
However, sometimes a supporter can be very fanatic, who wants his / her athlete to perform as well as possible.

You have rules for sports and games, including Taekwon-Do competitions. And a referee does not always judge in favor of your favorite athlete. Sometimes we also forget what sport is really about. Fun!

Dear parents / supporters, before you complain:

  • Most participants are children
  • It is a game, these are not the Olympic Games
  • All referees are human
  • All employees are volunteers

A few tips:

  • Be positive and be an example to others
  • Respect the referees
  • Let the coaches do their work
  • Especially enjoy Taekwon-Do

The competition field is only accessible to participants and coaches.


We are happy that you share this day with us. We wish all participating Taekwon-Do schools much success and a lot of fun today!

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