Thank you for registering with the Rotterdam Taekwon-Do Cup! Specify here the participants that you think increase the chance of becoming a tournament champion with your school / club.

The rules

You can specify a participant for one individual category. Team categories do not count. When achieving a first place, the participant wins 5 points, a second place yields 3 points, a third place yields 1 point. If the participant is not included in the prizes, this will result in 0 points. You can specify a maximum of 5 participants in total.

The Taekwon-Do school with the most points wins a nice champion scale. 2nd and 3rd place also win a great prize.


When two Taekwon-Do schools finish with an equal number of points, a coin will be thrown by the head referee to determine who will eventually win the prize.


Specify your participants here:

Note: You can register participants up to and including 29 February 2020, 23:59! After that it is no longer possible to register for the tournament champion.

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